The Idaho Department of Fish and Game's Fish Genetics Laboratory in Eagle, ID (EFGL) is one five sections under the Department's Fisheries Research Division.  The mission of IDFG's Research Division is "To Develop and Effectively Communicate Scientifically Sound Information and Tools to Enhance the Management of Idaho's Fisheries".  The Fisheries Research Division is supervised by Jeff Dillon(jeff.dillon@idfg.idaho.gov).


The primary goal of the EFGL is to provide comprehensive genetic information to address central questions related to the conservation and management of Idaho’s native fish species. Importantly, information gained from the types of research worked on at the EFGL are being used by biologists and mangers to assess current and future genetic risks, preserve existing genetic variability, delineate and prioritize populations for conservation and management purposes, estimate effective population size, identify suitable populations for translocations and reintroductions, identify suitable populations for broodstock development, and address genetic concerns in Endangered Species Act (ESA) petitions.  Funding for the lab comes from a variety of sources including the USFWS Sport Fish Restoration Program, the Bureau of Land Management, Department of Environmental Quality, USDA Forest Service, Idaho Power Company, Trout Unlimited, Henrys Fork Foundation, and the Bonneville Power Administration.  The lab currently employees fifteen full-time employees, which includes fisheries geneticists, fisheries genetics lab technicians, a data coordinator and laboratory assistants.